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Believe in yourself

Be persistent

Take responsibility

Manage stress

Set goals

Be positive

Develop your technical ability

Develop your winning brain

Learn all the time

Be passionate

Maximise your energy

How can we equip our children to succeed?

I love seeing people realise their potential, achieve and succeed - in learning, career, business, relationships, maintaining wellbeing - in life.

We are all aware that it takes more than knowledge and skills to succeed. Knowledge and skills are important but they are not enough. It's Attitudes, Behaviours and Thinking that make the difference. This is what prompted me to develop equipped2succeed and equipped2lead and found Second Chance Learning Academy -

equipped2succeed and equipped2lead workshops and programmes practically build individuals' capacity to:

  • bring out the best in themselves;

  • achieve succcess (gaining clarity about how they define holistic success),

  • maintain wellbeing;

  • bring out the best in others;

  • translate vision into action and positive outcomes;

  • build positive, strong organisations and communities.

Combining broad experience with the best thinking and insights; equipped2succeed is delivered in an accessible, practical, authentic way. 

equipped2succeed and equipped2lead simply do what they say - practically build people's capacity to make a real difference for themselves. their organisation, their community.  equipped2succeed training the trainer also enables businesses and community organisations to implement cost effective, high quality and sustainable people development for their staff, vounteers and clients. 

Thank you for visting and please contact me to find out more.  

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I will become what I deserve
Ben Howard


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