Managing Relationships

Believe in yourself

Be persistent

Take responsibility

Manage stress

Set goals

Be positive

Develop your technical ability

Develop your winning brain

Learn all the time

Be passionate

Maximise your energy

How can we equip our children to succeed?

equipped2succeed workshops, training and books are all about enabling individuals to develop the thinking and behaviours to continuously improve, achieve, overcome challenges and maintain balance and wellbeing.  

What makes the difference in people who attain elite levels of performance?

What makes the difference in people who maintain balance and wellbeing?  

What holds some people back from achieving their potential and goals?

The simple answer to these questions:

Thinking and Behaviours


I developed equipped2succeed to bring together essential Thinking and Behaviours in a coherent, accessible framework; with tailored training and development to enable all individuals to improve their performance and maintain wellbeing. My focus is now on training people to become licensed equipped2succeed Trainers. 

If you're looking for training and development that genuinley builds people's capacity

and improves performance and wellbeing simply get in touch and we'll tailor something

for your organisation. 

Empower - Enable - Equip


Second Chance Learning Academy – I founded Second Chance Learning Academy,  social enterprise in 2014 to take equipped2succeed into the communities and communities of need where I knew it could make a real difference, especially if I could train and support others to deliver it. People I trained in the initial pilot have gone on to deliver transformational programmes with very diverse groups in the community – enabling people to positively move on, manage their own wellbeing and future. We are now expanding our training the trainer and associate programmes.



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Your persistence is your measure of belief in yourself.
Brian Tracy


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