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My work is about practically enabling people to continuously improve, achieve and maintain wellbeing.  

My equipped2succeed programmes are informed by research, insightful thinkers and practical experience. 


My professional life has been about education innovation, learning and development - finding ways to enable people to excel in their chosen field of endeavour.  I have particularly looked at the common characteristics of those who achieve in any  field of endeavour - irrespective of background. More than ever, we need to equip ourselves and those around us to make the most of opportunities in a fast paced, changing world: 

  • develop the thinking, attitudes and behaviours to bring out the best in ourselves, achieve and maintain wellbeing;
  • manage relationships - whatever we do we need to find ways to get on well with people and bring out the best in others;
  • have a growth mindset – to constantly learn, unlearn and re-learn;
  • be enterprising – to see, create, develop and make the most of opportunities.

equipped2succeed has been developed over many years to enable individuals to develop these essential characteristics.

My proudest achievement is raising my fabulous children, Harriet and George, who have taught me as much as I have endeavoured to empower and enable them. My learning and experience as a parent has been informed by my work and vice versa. The incredible journey of being a parent led me to focus my first book on how we can empower, enable and equip our children.  

My next book is out soon:




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Beverley Burton - interview about her book, 'How Can We Equip Our Children to Succeed?'