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Beverley has led learning and development in education, businesses, sport, public and voluntary sector organisations, in the UK and Europe.
equipped2succeed learning and development programmes and materials provide core people development, specifically tailored to individual and organisational needs.

equipped2succeed enables individuals to:

           bring out the best in themselves and achieve more;

           maintain wellbeing;

           bring out the best in others;

           translate vision into action and positive outcomes;

           deliver positive change.

Combining experience with the best research, thinking and insights; workshops and programmes are delivered in an accessible, practical and authentic way. 

What makes a real difference in the culture and performance in organisations?

People make the real difference and the big difference in people is the way they Think, their Attitudes and Behaviour. Knowledge and skills are important, but they are not enough.

equipped2succeed Training the Trainer programmes also provides a proven, cost effective, sustainable solution to people development training needs within organisations. High quality training, resources and support that makes a real difference. It also provides a tailored personal development and employability curriculum for educational establishments.  


equipped2succeed for organisations and businesses

equipped2succeed and equipped2lead training and materials enable individuals to continuously develop essential management and leadership capabilities with an easy to follow framework and toolkit. 

Before you are a leader, success is about growing yourself. 
When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.
         Jack Welch

With tailored programmes, and the option of training the trainer to increase internal capacity, organisations can systematically embed powerful people development.

Beverley designs training and development that responds to specific organisational and business needs, being especially skilled at tuning-in with organisational aims and practices. With her vast range of materials and resources she equips organisations to embed easy to use, sustainable learning and development.

The equipped2succeed and equipped2lead learning and development modules equip individuals to:

continuously improve;
contribute more;
translate vision into action;
achieve goals;
bring out the best in others;
become more effective leaders.
Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.  
Warren Bennis


equipped2succeed for Education

Equip Students with the Thinking, Attitudes, and Behaviours to: 

Thrive – Maintain Wellbeing – Get the Grades – Be Employable – Achieve

Supporting education to embed practical personal development, that addresses the holistic needs of young people of all ages.

With an easy to follow framework and toolkit, Beverley provides a range of training, support and resources, that enable staff to easily deliver transformational workshops and programmes; responding to student needs e.g. building confidence, managing relationships, addressing behaviour issues, preparing for exams.

With practical and appropriate materials, Beverley can equip schools to embed easy to use, sustainable learning.

equipped2succeed is designed to equip students to:

 take responsibility;
 aim high;
be motivated;
 believe and be positive;
 have a growth mindset - continuously improve;
 achieve more;
 attain more;
maintian wellbeing;
 develop essential employability skills;
 realise their potential and succeed.


equipped2succeed for Parents and Carers

How Can We Equip Our Children to Succeed?

Being a parent and carer - the most amazing journey of our lives! 

“How Can We Equip Our Children to Succeed?” programmes for parents and carers explore how we can empower, enable and equip our children with the thinking, attitudes and behaviours essential to succeed in learning and life. 

Workshops and programmes are tailored; focusing on different aspects of her framework, according to specific needs.

Practical and immediately useful, equipped2succeed enables parents and carers to positively reflect and take away essential understanding and tools.


To find out more contact Beverley e: beverley@beverleyburton.com 






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