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Beverley has unique experience of providing innovative, tailored solutions to raising aspiration and developing the thinking, attitudes and behaviours that enable people to achieve individual, social and economic goals.

Beverley's focus is addressing 3 main challenges:

  • Learning to learn – motivating people to systematically practice continuous improvement - see the "pay off" for always learning and equipping them with the tools to learn more effectively.
  • Personal Development – using the equipped2succeed 12 core capabilities essential for success, developed by Beverley, she develops projects, programmes and workshops that enable people to take responsibility for their own future; set goals, achieve and succeed. Her aim is to raise aspiration and equip people with the tools to realise their ambitions.
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Capability and Employability Skills - enabling people to see, create, develop and make the most of the opportunities and develop the skills essential for economic success.

Beverley specialises in creating holistic solutions, and tailors her work to respond to specific needs, ensuring that work is client specific, whether working within education and training or with high performing individuals. She creates development programmes that motivate and enable people to develop core, generic capabilities and skills including core leadership and employability skills. Beverley specialises in innovative learning that is engaging, practical and achieves lasting results.

Beverley has developed a range of resources and materials that support learning and sustainability, which she tailors to client needs. Her workshops and programmes are robustly evaluated to reinforce learning, recognise achievement, ensure quality, and inform continued improvement.

The following is a summary of a range of development projects that Beverley has designed, delivered and contributed to with partners locally, regionally and internationally.

The main focus of Beverley's work has been in the following areas:

  • Enabling individuals to develop the attitudes, thinking, behaviour and core capabilities they need to make the most of opportunities, realise their goals and succeed;
  • Developing enterprise / entrepreneurial capability within individuals and organisations;
  • Raising aspiration and expectations and creating "can-do" attitudes and culture;
  • Developing our understanding of learning – applying the science of the brain to improve the effectiveness of learning.

Beverley has initiated, led and delivered the following projects, including:

  • project design and management;
  • design and delivery of training and development programmes;
  • engagement with partner groups and stakeholders within the public, private and voluntary sectors;
  • consistently achieving planned outputs, outcomes and milestones;
  • evaluation.

School-based projects.

Enterprise Academy 2007 – 2012

Ashfield, Bolsover and Mansfield Districts in North Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, involving 19 Secondary Schools to 2011. Continuing to 2012 with Bolsover District Schools.

Aims of this project:
To assist secondary schools with improving their delivery of enterprise education.
To help the schools widen the development and application of "enterprise skills" across the curriculum.
To improve the interactions between local businesses and the schools, fostering a substantive role for the businesses to engage with learners and impact programmatic developments in the schools.
To provide young people with substantive knowledge of business demands, setting up and running their own businesses, and the skills and expertise that businesses are looking for.

Beverley led work with over 7500 young people, over 140 teachers, and over 80 businesses within this project.

Djanogly City Academy – Young Entrepreneurs Group – Pilot project with KS4 young people who are at risk of disengagement, designed to motivate young people and maintain them in education and develop core employability skills.

FGY9 – designed to enable KS3 young people at risk of disengaging from learning to develop essential skills and capabilities for life and learning and develop core employability skills.

360now – designed to enable KS3 young people at risk of disengaging from learning to develop essential skills and capabilities for life and learning: improving the capacity to engage effectively with others, developing enterprise and employability skills and learning linked to Wider Key Skills accreditation.

Community and FE-based projects:
Europrise – on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council, designed to develop the capacity of individuals to develop enterprise capabilities and employability skills and make the most of opportunities around them – raising confidence, self-esteem and aspirations. Involving 3 distinct groups of people FE college learners; women facing multiple disadvantage; young people without qualifications facing multiple disadvantage.

School and Community-based projects:
enterprise for all – on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council – developing curricula, activities and innovative programmes in both the community and schools: to develop enterprise capability and employability skills; working with partners in the HE, private and public sectors.

Community-based programmes with adult learners:

Movingon – 2 projects over 4 years designed to develop the capacity of women to engage in first-steps learning and improve self-confidence, the capacity to learn and employability skills.

KickStart – 3 projects over 4 years designed to develop the capacity of those on probation to engage in learning and improve self-confidence, the capacity to learn and employability skills.

XRAP – designed to develop the capacity of young people on probation to engage in learning and improve self-confidence, the capacity to learn and employability skills.

Beverley has also written programmes and provided training for the following international projects:

Europrise – 1999 – 2001. Position: UK Partner and Project Manager for Nottinghamshire CC. Innovative training and development to promote and develop entrepreneurship, enterprise and employability skills. Main Partners: Norway, Sweden, Italy.

EINET – European Network for Entrepreneurial Training and Support – 2001 – 2004. Position: UK Partner. Description: Network for the development of training and development in enterprise and entrepreneurship. This also included development work with Brock University, Toronto, Canada. Main Partners: Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal.

ELS - Euro Business Language Skills – 2003 – 2009. The project developed an on-line business language programme within which Beverley developed an on-line personal and professional development programme. It was designed to support the overall development of those participating in work-based learning: to enable trainees to make the most of training to improve their overall performance and career prospects. Main Partners: Italy, Poland, Greece, Germany.

Yo-Pro – 2004 – 2006. Position: UK Partner. Description: Development of innovative training programme for Youth Workers, changing the focus of Youth Work from adult-led activity to young person-initiated and led activity, with the development of young people's core skills and capabilities. Main Partners: Norway, Sweden, Italy, Poland.

Working with offenders
Working with SERCO at Lowdham Grange Prison to develop and deliver a programme based on the "equipped2succeed" framework focused on addressing the attitudes, thinking and behaviour essential to prevent re-offending. 12 week pilot programme delivered in 2012 with positive evaluations from all involved and further programmes planned.

In summary, Beverley's writing, training, workshops, programmes and resources are designed to develop people's capacity to:

  • learn – take responsibility for their own continuous improvement; know how to learn more effectively, be motivated to learn, unlearn and re-learn;
  • achieve exceptional performance - develop the attitudes, thinking, behaviour and core capabilities to achieve success in all areas of life;
  • be enterprising - be able to see, create, develop and make the most of opportunities.


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