As Vice Principal at Djanogly City Technology College and Djanogly City Academy, I worked with Beverley for over 10 years on a wide range of projects including enterprise days and challenges with KS3, KS4 and KS5 students, staff training sessions and longer term activities with targeted groups aimed at developing their social, entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Beverley has also helped to engage other employers and members of the community in activities at the Academy and has even supported the Academy by representing the wider community on staff recruitment panels. Beverley has boundless energy and enthusiasm, is always positive no matter how challenging the young people with whom she has been involved. Her experience of working with the education system for many years across the UK and beyond, whilst running her own successful business, brought enormous benefit to the Academy.

Nigel Akers

I've been working with Beverley for many years, since retiring from professional cycling, and she has been an inspiration with her ability to turn ideas into programmes. From staff CPD to young people's workshops her programmes enable people to develop their skills and capabilties to improve and succeed.

Bryan Steel

I have been working with Beverley on equipped2lead international programmes in sport and found her to be the consummate professional in all matters. No task is too daunting and no fence too high; each challenge has been faced with calm professionalism and is always resolved to the highest of standards. If Beverley says she can achieve something she can; I look forward to working with Beverley on many more projects.

Dr. Imtiaz Rasool, Bode Academy

Beverley Burton is an engaging and great communicator. Having had firsthand experience of working alongside Beverley, she has been instrumental in the success of many young people nationwide through programmes she has designed. Beverley uses easy to understand methods which are empowering, inspirational and, most importantly, practical at the same time. Beverley also allows you to fully maximize your potential, and achieve success in any aspect of your life regardless of your ability, knowledge or skill.

Aaron Thomas, Business Entrepreneur & former Professional Cricketer

I've known Beverley Burton for many years and have had the privilege to work with her extensively on a number of projects, in various projects in schools and communities around the UK.
Beverley has a unique ability to deliver consistently high-quality work throughout a project. From the initial point of making contact, through building relationships with clients and identifying their needs, preparing the necessary course materials, executing the course content to achieve the outcomes, and finally evaluating the results, Beverley is first class. She understands how to develop people, and is expert at applying learning appropriately and within context. Beverley truly brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Errol Lawson, Youth Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author

I have had the pleasure of working with Beverley over a range of projects. Her dynamism, will to succeed and enthusiasm combine to make her a truly effective coach. Beverley knows how to create a positive environment allowing people to develop a mind-set for realising their full potential. I can recommend and endorse Beverley without hesitation.

Barry O'Loughlin, Director Leadership Management UK


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